About Thessaloniki



Thessaloniki is the name of Alexander the Great’s sister and the city was founded in 300B.C. Its historical importance spans millennia. It has served as a center of power and commercial hub for the Greek, Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine empires.

Thessaloniki was suggested as one of the best cities for night life from the Lonely Planet guides and a must visit city from the New York Times. NEW YORK TIMES Journalist Charly Wilder wrote on issue 38 about Salonika, Greece the following:

“…The coastal city of Salonika, often overlooked by tourists in favor of Athens, has been gaining momentum for the last several years with its prolific cultural scene. Now, with British Airways adding a direct route from London and a new mayor pushing forward a spate of major cultural and tourism initiatives, Salonika is hotter than ever. The newest wave of culture makers in the laid-back city include the nonprofit Dynamo Project Space, which gives a platform to up-and-coming local artists, architects and designers, and Sfina, a self-appointed “urban prankster network” that instigates flash mob-style events in public spaces. Since it opened last summer, the eco-conscious design firm 157173 has garnered attention for its offbeat minimalist lamps, mobiles and other design objects that are equal parts Bauhaus and Joan Miró.

Its ideal location in the Thermaic Gulf, with the unique sunsets, lets you indulge in fine food, sinful sweets, ultra chic shopping and an energetic night life.

What really enhances Thessaloniki’s hip atmosphere, however, are the enduring symbols of its glorious history of 2.300 years, from the White Tower on its café -lined waterfront all the way up to the Byzantine walls, just above the Upper Town (Ano Poli) an enchanting neighborhood of pretty traditional houses set on winding peaceful alleyways.

Worth visiting old, beautiful and well preserved Byzantine churches and great museums like the Archeological, the Byzantine, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Arts, all in a walking distance from the Conference venue. Mount Athos with the famous monasteries can also be visited with a special visa (http://www.mountathos.gr )

Ideal places to visit, especially at this time of the year, are Chalkidiki (http://www.halkidiki.com ) with the most attractive beaches of crystal clear waters, Mount Olympus area- the mountain of the ancient Gods - and last but not least Pella and Vergina (http://www.imathia.gr ) the world known towns where the tombs of King Philip and Alexander the Great with Macedonian treasures were excavated, all in less than an hour driving from the city.

View from high (from "The Castle", "Ta Kastra") a panoramic site seeing of Thessaloniki